Qulead can create drawings and machining data for you.

From machining to assembly, Qulead treats variety of parts: single part, multi-process machined parts or parts with additional machining.


Equipped with 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis machines, part sizes  from several millimeters to more than 1 meter.

Lathe Turning

Equipped with desktop-lathe, NC lathe and general lathe, part sizes  from several millimeters to 500 mm in diameter.

Surface Grinding

Qulead brings you the high precision measurements with the micron-level geometric tolerances for jig, tooling and precision parts.


Qulead can weld by brazing and by TIG with vacuum chamber specifications.

Wire Cutting

Qulead can also machine the parts such as ; very thin parts, already worked parts or “hard to clamp” parts.

Electro-discharge Machining (EDM)

Qulead uses EDM for hard materials or parts with non-radius corners unachievable by cutting methods.

Qulead will always pursue progress in machining technology.

Complex, Precision, Various Materials

Complex Shapes

Qulead can machine parts with multi-process and complex shape. With highest precision, Qulead also assembles these parts.

Precision Machining

Qulead is good at machining parts in micron level as the control of precision and measurements are severely conducted.

Various Materials

From aluminum, stainless steel, iron, copper to inconel, Qulead can cut various materials with precision.

With high quality skills in precision machining, welding and design technology,

Qulead supplies parts to a wide range of industries.

Medical Devices

Prototypes for implants

Aerospace and Aeronautics

Structural parts with 3D cutting

Vacuum Devices

Vacuum devices, pipe-work parts, vacuum chamber and internal structural parts

Vehicle Parts

Prototyping for Motorsports


Parts for semiconductor related devices

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One-Stop Service


Qulead will make a quotation according to delivery, material and purpose of parts.

Manufacturing Schedule

Qulead plans its manufacturing according to our clients’ due date.


The average delivery time is from 2-4 weeks.


Qulead controls parts with 3D metrological machines.


All parts will be shipped with appropriate packaging.